how to put pdf files on iPhone


Jul 27, 2007
Very simple

all you need to do is email the PDF file to yourself. Or you can convert it to an HTML file and upload it to you google docs account. The only program that I know of that will convert a PDF to HTML is adobe acrobat standard. I'm not sure that if the reader will do it. To check, open the PDF file and the go to file, click save as and then in the file extension just change in the drop down menu to HTML. Google docs only allows you to upload up to a 500KB file. Good luck and if anyone needs me to convert a PDF to HTML for them or make a PDF a searchable text file please let me know. Please note that the iPhone does not support searchable text.


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Sep 28, 2007
I use SnagIt for windows and print out the PDF to a series of JPEGs, then copy these into a picture folder and sync that folder to the iPhone. It's not quite as elegant as a native reader would be, but it does allow me fairly quick "thumbnail" browsing, which I see as a good thing. :)