How to Read Outlook Exchange Shared Calendars on iPhone?


New Member
Jun 21, 2009
My company uses microsoft outlook exchange and I have been using iPhone syncing with this outlook exchange calendar. Besides my own calendar, on the outlook exchange, I have access to another shared calendar. I want to be able to read this shared calendar on my iPhone but cannot figure out how to do it. Previously I learned from other postings that iPhone doesn't support it.

The new OS 3.0 support CalDav and I am wondering if this will enable me to read the shared calendars of my outlook exchange on my iPhone. Does anybody know how to do it? If the current firmware solely doesn't support it, might there are other ways to do it with supports of other apps? How about through Google Calendar? Or there are any apps can automatically copy the contents in the outlook exchange shared calendars to my outlook exchange calendar?

Does anybody have solutions? Many thanks!