how to read pdf file on iPhone


Jul 16, 2007
For those who use third-party apps there is another--perhaps easier--way to read locally-stored PDFs and Office docs:

1.) Install Apache on the iPhone.

2.) On the iPhone rename index.html to something else (like indexOrg.html). The file is located here:

3.) Copy any PDFs, images, or Office docs to the folder listed above.

4.) In Safari, on the iPhone itself, type in this URL:

5.) This will show a list of files that you copied in step 3. Tap a filename to open it!

Here is an example:

And here is the iPhone's User Guide open, when the iPhone is in airplane mode:

BTW: I use UIctl to "unload -w" Apache when I am not using it (and "load -w" when I want to use it again).

Also, as a side benefit you can use any computer on the same WiFi network as your iPhone to browse and download documents. Right now, for example, my iPhone's IP address is Typing that into Firefox lets me access the Web page on my iPhone, on this PC. Pretty sweet.

For reference I also have the BSD subsystem, Erica's Utilities, and OpenSSH installed as well.

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