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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Renee80, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Renee80

    Renee80 New Member

    If someone sends me a pic message should I receive an email link?
    It is not working for me. Do I have to set this up?
  2. FlwrPwer

    FlwrPwer Evangelist

    It's not an email link. Its a link to a website:

    It does not need to be set up. They will send you a userID and a password in the text message. The site, however, does not always work.
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  4. Renee80

    Renee80 New Member

    I had my sister send me a few and I get nothing at all. She is not AT&T. Do you think that makes a difference?
  5. FlwrPwer

    FlwrPwer Evangelist

    Nope, it shouldnt.

    She is sending you MMS messages?
  6. Renee80

    Renee80 New Member

    yes. The same way she would with my old phone.
  7. FlwrPwer

    FlwrPwer Evangelist

    Then you should receive an SMS message sending you to a website. It will have a userID and a password.
  8. kycophpd

    kycophpd Member

    My phone does not receive them either. I called AT&T and tried to get them to set it up and they won't do it.

    I am assuming the OP has the same problem as me. If friend 1 sends me a text, I receive it. If friend 2 sends me a picture message, I receive nothing... no go to like I used to get on my iphone v1. My fiance does not receive them either on her 3g. Nothing comes across. You could send me 15 picture messages and I will never receive any notification of it.
  9. llrickman

    llrickman Member

    i dont get mms( view my message ) on my 3g either . i have a friend that sends me mms sometimes and she has to send them to my att workphone but.............................. if i forward them from my work phone to my 3g i get the viewmymessage text ......hmmmm
  10. Picazzo

    Picazzo Zealot

    Yes, because you can't get/view MMS - just look here.
  11. FlwrPwer

    FlwrPwer Evangelist

    Thats not what they're saying. They're saying they don't get the link to

    As to the posters, I have no idea why you wouldnt get the link. I have gotten the link since day 1 with my 3G.
  12. Picazzo

    Picazzo Zealot

    Okay - I missed that's late in Denmark now... ;)
  13. Renee80

    Renee80 New Member

    thanks for the input. I am going to make an appointment at the local apple store here and see if they know why. It's just odd to me.
  14. SikShift

    SikShift Zealot

    I never got that "viewmymessage" text either whenever I was sent an MMS message...
  15. craigep

    craigep New Member

    I don't get viewmymessage links either. I've been w/ AT&T for 6 years w/ no media package until I bought my iPhone. Now I spend twice the money per month and can't get an mms. Doesn't that seem wrong?
  16. Elbacanazo920

    Elbacanazo920 New Member

    That's How it is. It sucks but hopefully sometime in the near Update we'll get that. and you can go to to have the picture maile to you since you won't be able to save it once you get viewmymessage going.
  17. djv72

    djv72 New Member

    I had a iPhone 2G since feb08. I just sold it and purchased the iPhone 3G. I have never received the link on my 2G iPhone. Now I receive it on my 3G iPhone. Seems weird....
  18. sbowen1310

    sbowen1310 New Member

    I don't get why we have to go to a website at all? All non-iPhones I've had you could receive and view the picture right there on your phone.
  19. shutter13

    shutter13 Zealot

    Because Apple decided we did not need MMS functionality on the iPhone. However...there is a work around. Email. You can email a mms message to a phone number, you just need to know what carrier they are on. You can also tell your friends to send picture messages to your email address. This will work with their messaging plans and will not require them to have a data plan.
  20. Plastikfear

    Plastikfear New Member

    I am too lazy so I just told everyone I know that if they plan on sending me pictures from their phones to send it in email rather than MMS... problem solved.. lol

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