HOW-TO: Streaming Internet radio to the iPhone


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Jul 21, 2007
Hello everyone, I did some searches, and found a few posts on getting this to work, but no 'HOWTO' on getting streaming radio running easily on iPhone. Setting this is up in not very difficult, and if you follow everything correctly, you should have this up and running in less than 10 minutes :)

Lets begin...

First, I've already tried both Orb and TVersity; They both work great, however, I'm going to choose TVersity in this case, since the owner of ORB, stated himself he's not too keen on iPhones :p I am also assuming you have some type of broadband internet connection, you are running windows (Sorry Mac people, I'm a mac user myself, but it was just much easier to to this on windows), & you are comfortable with basic networking.

Getting Started:

First things first, lets go out and grab TVersity; grab the latest release, which as of this writing, its the 'July 19th' release:

After its downloaded, install it -- It might give you some error msg about not being able to start the service, you can either reboot the computer, or go into your 'services' and enable it - to do so:

Start>control panel>Administrative Tools>Services>TVersity Media Server -- Then right click on it and click 'start' to start the service.

Now TVersity should be installed, with a running service.. GREAT! You're about 90% done :p

You can either connect to TVersity now, or add some custom streams to it,; I personally love SomaFM's Groove Salad, so I added both the 56k and 128k streams into it so I can listen to them while on the go. If you want to start looking at default streams, go ahead skip down to the "Connecting your iPhone to TVersity" below.

Adding Streams to TVersity:
Now lets add some 'streams' into it. Go ahead and fire up the front end for it: Start>Programs>TVersity Media Server>TVsersity Media Server. Notice the green '+' button in the upper left? Lets click on that... goto 'Add Internet Media>Add Audio URL'. Now its asking for the "Audio URL", where do we get this... from the .pls file.. read on.

How to get the 'Audio URL' for a stream:
We will use SomaFM for an example. Goto, find the "Groove Salad" stream> Now right click on the '56k MP3' stream, the click "Save Link As.." (this is assuming you are running Firefox like me, if running IE or Opera, the working for "save as" might be different) and save the .pls file, I saved mine to my desktop.

Now lets find that file...once found, right click on the file and open it with WordPad. Once the file is opened up in Wordpad, you will see something like this..
Title1=(#1) SomaFM: Groove Salad (56k mp3): A nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves.
Take note on the 'File1=', these are the actual URL's you need to put into TVersity; copy just the and put that in the 'Audio URL' back in TVersity, make a title for your Stream, and click 'Submit'. You have now just added your own Custom Audio Stream to TVersity, congrats! ;)

Behind a Firewall? May need to do some Port Forwarding:

Now if you are behind a Firewall, even Windows Firewall, you may have to do some port forwarding; don't worry, its not that hard. I did both TCP/UDP port 41952 to my box running the TVersity server. More info on this can be found here:

Please consult your Router/Firewalls documentation on Port Forwarding for further assistance with this.

Great, now you should be to fineally connect your iPhone and get this going!

Connect your iPhone to TVersity:

Now point Safari on iPhone to your IP address... don't know your IP? get it @; ...

The URL in Safari should look like:

if you are using it on Edge.. point it to..

where is YOUR IP address, the one you got from

I am using DynamicDNS ( to make life a little easier, insted of typing in my IP, I just type in my dyndns name, to make things a little easier.

You should now be greeted by that iPhone web app interface we've all come to love/hate. Enjoy listening to your fav. streaming internet music on the go :p And Just remember, TVersity doesn't do just Audio, play around with it and have fun.




Jul 1, 2007
That's nice, but I don't feel the need to have my (then)$599 phone emulating a $9.95 bad radio.


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Jun 26, 2007
Orlando, Florida
I am using orb to stream internet audio, XM, and Sirius to my iPhone.

It also streams all 92 gigs of mp3 from my library at home. Movies in mp4 format also.

And it also lets your browse the files on the pc running the orb client.

And its free.


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Sep 7, 2007
#4 do i get this orb? so i can run movies and songs from my computer without even putting them on my phone? how do i do this?


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Jun 26, 2007
Orlando, Florida
#5 do i get this orb? so i can run movies and songs from my computer without even putting them on my phone? how do i do this?

To add internet audio just cut and the paste the stream url in to orbs interent radio favorites section.

TO do this with xm or Sirius google for uXM or uSirius. Thosse programs will give you the urls need to bookmark sat radio channels. You have to leave this programs running on the pc that runs orb.

You can search for Sirius and you will find a 13 page thread with all the details of how to get it up and running. takes about 5 minutes.

It looks a lot better now since orbs site now detects you are on an iPhone.
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May 16, 2008
streaming radio to iPhone from mac or linux

If you don't use windows, ooTunes will work from mac or linux as well as windows. It's not free though.