How to tell what iPhone version I have?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sqeaky4100, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Sqeaky4100

    Sqeaky4100 New Member

    I have come to see that there is two versions, a version "5" and a "7"...

    But how do I find out which I have?

    Also, which versions have which problems?
  2. mike3141

    mike3141 New Member

    The "5" model is the 4GB, MA501.
    The "7" model is the 8GB, MA712.

    Go to "Settings", then "General", then "About".
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  4. Are you talking about the iPhone version itself or the LCD screen version?
  5. [SPEZNAS] ZiMoTiK

    [SPEZNAS] ZiMoTiK New Member

    I have two iPhones 8 Gb both, one of them model #5, the other #7.
  6. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    You go to Field test by typing on the keypad *3001#12345#* and then clicking "versions". The 5 or 7 is the first digit of the LCD Panel ID.
  7. Sqeaky4100

    Sqeaky4100 New Member

    you mean as if im going to call the number? or where else would I input the numbers
  8. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    Correct, as if you were going to call the number. Sounds weird, but it works.
  9. Conan

    Conan New Member

    wait where is this versions thing?
  10. Radis

    Radis Member

    so once I do the field test what ever number is first is the LCD version

    So 5 is better right?

    But what if you get a code that is 57.....
    what is that 5 or 7?
    thnks a lot
  11. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    so 5 is 4 gig and 7 is 8gig? i understand that but the guy above said he has two 8gigs and he says they are both different. so what is the real difference? im confused. also is one BETTER than the other? does the number of the lcd screen affect battery life? any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. thesaint

    thesaint New Member

    I tried the same and it starts with a 7. Guess its a 7 version LCD screen. Theres a posting which claims that 7 version screens are better.
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  13. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    when you go to the field test and check your LCD number it will start with either a 5 or 7. It is generally thought that the 5 is better, as the 7 series has a subtle pattern of white dots when tilted at an angle. In addition, the 7 series doesn't appear to display dark movies as well as the 5. However, many people have 7 series they report as "perfect", and some claim the 7 series is even better. I tend to disagree from what I have seen.

    Hope this helps.
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  14. Sqeaky4100

    Sqeaky4100 New Member

    Well about the white dots....

    I have the 5 series and I see them very loud and clear almost as if I was supposed to have the 7.
  15. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    Odd, have never heard of the white dots on a 5 series.
  16. Sqeaky4100

    Sqeaky4100 New Member

    Same here. Except my 5series has every possible thing wrong with it... Bad pixels, won't connect to my network , laggy keyboard ,bad battery,
  17. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    Sorry to hear that.

    But lets not stat jumping to conclusions. This IS just the LCD ID, nothing more. Sure one could argue that similar IDs were built in the same time frame, but that argument only goes so far. We need more solid proof than that to connect more problems than just dead pixels etc. to the LCD ID.

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