how to transfer files from PC to iPhone without internet connection

Mar 10, 2010
i don t speak english very well, but i still hope that you re gonna understand me
last week i got an iPhone 3gs, i downloaded and installed on my laptop iTunes so i learned how to transfer music from my laptop to iPhone.
i didn t register in iTunes site because i don t have a credit card and still if i had one i wouldn't register
heres my main problem:
on my laptop i have files in pdf.formats(mostly ebooks) and files writen in notepad (mostly in .txt format) that i want to transfer to my iPhone without being connecteg to to internet(on both sides)
i read on the net (i atteched the website address of this text about diskaid) that you can transfer with diskaid those files from laptop to iPhone without being connected to the net
so i downloaded diskaid on my laptop,
i connected the iPhone and laptop via usb and clicked with my mouse on copy file to device and i copied those files on iPhone
but i can t find those files anywhere on my iPhone,i searched the whole iPhone and nothing,those were files who had about 100mb and since i copied that, my iPhone had 100mb smaller size,(till than it was 1,4 gb,now it is 1,3gb)
if no one cant help me with this way of transfering files from pc to iPhone without being connected to the net and without being registered on iTunes , is there another way to transfer files from pc to iPhone without being registered to iTunes



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Mar 10, 2010
with ifunbox you can connect to the iPhone without any internet connection.
but You must know where to put your files since the iPhone don't have any file system explorer, unless you jailbroked your device....
ord if you use ubuntu, the new version of rythmbox also works to sync with iPhone

and also, you can get an iTunes account without a credit card, I have...
Do a Google search on the subject and you will find out how to do.
And it's not any illegal way, you use a proxy and create your account in one of those countries where you don't need a credit card to get an account.


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Sep 20, 2009
Disk aid should have worked.
Is your phone jailbroken?
If it is do you have iFile installed or at least terminal to view the file structure?
When you used disk aid where did you save the files? What directory?