How to Transfer iPhone Apps to Another iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by newbie78, Jul 26, 2009.

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    Before anyone gets concerned, the linked article simply shows you how to authorize other computers to use your iTunes account, which Apple allows (you can have up to 5 computers authorized to use your iTunes account). Technically, though, this is meant for users in the same household, and not to share with your friends.
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    I agree to that. I was looking for something that I can use to transfer applications between me and my wife's phone.
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    No offense but for the free apps, I don't see an issue. For paid apps, some might call that software piracy.

  6. I recently did this, since snowtrooper jr has a new idevice, and i was getting all the apps we've purchased for him off our phones.
    Apple care actually walked me through the process, so they do authorize it....
    It involved setting up a new account under his user profile on our PC, signing in to my iTunes account, and clicking on download on the right pane in iTunes store under purchases.
    Then logging out of my account and signing into his. Viola, there they were.....
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    Snowteooper Jr? :p
  8. Fixed, thanks!
    Can't blame that one on autocorrect!
    I was in a bit of a rush.....
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