How to unlock iPhone with firmware 4.1

Aug 5, 2011
Okay so I am unsure if this thread is on here or not, and if it is please send me to that one so I can get help so here it goes. Oh just so you know I'm not too familiar with phones.

I just got an Apple iPhone from my Uncle and he uses AT&T and I went there but they want me to do a $500 security deposit because I have no credit and I refuse to do that so I thought it would be best to go and jailbreak and/or unlock the phone to use it with T-mobile or someone else. So here is my question I looked on the phone and it said the version is 4.1 so I'm assuming that's the firmware, and I looked online on how to unlock it, and it seems people prefer redsn0w. I have redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 and I would like step by step instructions on how to unlock it, and if I need to jailbreak it first please send me a link that has instructions on how to do that as well, also I do not have a sim card if that matters at all. I am doing this so I am not in the hole for $500 because I believe that is a ridiculous amount to pay for just a security deposit for a phone. So if you can please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 12, 2008
Is this a 3GS or an iPhone 4?
Aug 5, 2011
If it was on 4.0.2 or earlier you could just jailbreak and unlock with ultrasn0w. Since it's on 4.1, you'll need to install the iPad baseband before using ultrasn0w or use a GEVEY SIM unlock.
okay so i now have it jailbroken but i am unable to use cydia because my iPhone can't find any wifi networks and i don't know why, i have a linksys wireless g router, is it because of the router I'm using or is it because i have no sim card? and if it's because of the router can you tell me of a place i can go to and connect to the internet in order to get ultrasn0w downloaded on my iPhone to unlock it please
Aug 5, 2011
I now have it working, it's completely unlocked thank you for the guide


Feb 13, 2011
I hope your aware of the draw backs of of unlocking using the iPad baseband....