How to unlock your iPhone version 2 (Video tutorial) with WIFI and YouTube (Noob Ed.)

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New Member
Sep 27, 2007
Well here is the latest tutorial.
It unlocks youtube, no errors, no wifi issues and I've also added TWO methods of unlocking through the tutorial so you can pick whichever one you fancy.

This is the most complete version you'll find and it involves
iBrickr, AppTapp/, AnySim, iUnlocker, and PACAY

Hope this helps

The pack can be found here *****ADMIN: LINK REMOVED*****
The firmware can be found in the tutorial as well.

Part 1

Part 2

Bonus: How to add apps

Oct 2, 2007
Wifi problems

I used your tutorial and it was excellent and very helpful.
My wifi on my iPhone is no longer finding on any networks. I have Tried on wep network and non wep netowrk. I have restored adn done everything including changing SSID on my network. Please can you help me!:mad::mad: