How to upload photos from iPhone to EIC


Jul 6, 2007
Dallas, TX
Ok I posted this in the "Post your iPhone pics" thread but it's kind of gotten buried in there and I've had a few people ask me how to post pics from the phone so here it is, pretty simple, but tricky at first.

First, you need to "install" iCopy to your phone.
Follow the instructions shown.

After you have iCopy you are ready to go. Start by emailing the photo to your online photo album. I use photobucket and find it the easiest and quickest as far as emailing photos to my account.

1. email the photo you want to post to photobucket
2. find the photo you want to post and click and hold the text box that the IMG code is in for a few secs
3. go to bookmarks and click copy/paste
4. click copy text when the box pops up
5. it should go back to your photobucket screen after you click it
6. click in the img code field again, click a couple times if you have to
then go to and click on the EIC posting box and click copy/paste on your bookmarks
7. click on paste when the box pops up. It should give a pop up that says "ready to paste"
8. click on to the EIC post box again to paste (you may have to click a couple times)

It's kinda a pain to get it right at first but once you do it a few times it will be pretty easy.


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Dec 28, 2007
god what hassle that is.......suppose we will have to get used to it thought! how do you email to your photobucket?