How to use Gmail with PUSH


Nov 9, 2008
Calgary, AB
Very easy to set this up. I use Gmail as my primary e-mail provider, and I was kind of shocked to learn how you can set up Gmail on your own iPhone to use PUSH using the native Email app.

1. Go create a new Microsoft Exchange e-mail (I know, right? You can do this in Settings > Mail > Add Account...)
2. The e-mail field is your full e-mail address.
3. The domain field is blank.
4. The Username field is your full e-mail address.
5. The Password field is your Gmail password.
6. Press next. It will communicate to the server.
7. A new "server" field will pop up. In this field, input "".
8. Press next again.
9. It'll ask you to sync your calendars, contacts, etc., so just press "Done"!

Give it a test. For me, works flawlessly!

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Jun 17, 2007
With my work being on Google Apps now, I had decided I now need a push e-mail deal. Personal e-mail I don't care about-not necessary. But at work, I do need to check mail when I'm not in the office, so push e-mail with audible/vibrate alert is ideal.
I had been using the free Gmail App and really like it, but the problem is that it logged me out 2 days ago and multiple hours went by before I realized that. So I went in search of something else, all because I did not realize to just put the server name when the set up screen under Exchange grayed out. I set it up and it works great. I wouldn't mind the banner alert a little bigger, but know what? Oh well, I have a working push e-mail system that has the banner part I also like. ( I just paid for a push e-mail app too which annoys me now that I read this! and I can't get the app to work right either and once I saw this, well, I just deleted the app anyway. I e-mailed the developer and if they have a fix or whatever, I will look at it again, but for now, it's gone
And I am most please to have a free solution built right into the native iOS system.


Oct 31, 2007
An easier method would be to get the free Gmail app. It pushes its notifications quickly and reliably. I still prefer the mail app over the Gmail app interface, so I just set my gmail account there to fetch manually.


Jun 17, 2007
An easier method would be to get the free Gmail app. It pushes its notifications quickly and reliably. I still prefer the mail app over the Gmail app interface, so I just set my gmail account there to fetch manually.
Are you referring to the one in the App store? If so, that's the one I was referencing which logged me out causing me to miss hours of push e-mail a few days ago. I do like the app, but it's useless if it's going to log me out every few days.
The native Mail App using a Gmail account set up is also where I've had problems in terms of the account just acting like it's not configured-tap the Mail button and it doesn't even acknowledge the account rendering me having to delete and add it all over again. After having to do that every few weeks, I got annoyed and went looking for other solutions, and then my work e-mail just changed to Google Apps for Business and this is why I want my mail on Push. I can't get the native Mail App Google to push anyway -only get Gmail by push by setting it up as an Exchange. It was no big deal to set up, and provided it doesn't act like the Mail app Gmail problem I've had, I am a-okay, because the push works beautifully and in fact, the small banner issue I had I fixed, and it is doing the banner in the center like I wanted, almost same size as the Gmail app. Therefore, Exchange is my hands down solution. Free, works, and stays signed in (as far as I know!)
The other app I purchased is still not working and I got a ridiculously vague reply telling me to update to the latest version (uhm-I just bought the app THAT day which was yesterday), and then telling me in broken English to make sure their servers are aware of the device, or something. I asked if they would please clarify what that means as it is beyond vague. I have everything turned on in the notifications department and clearly that is so as my new Exchange set-up works like a charm. I don't need the app I now wasted my money on, but being as I'm stuck with the wasted money, I may as well see if it is superior to the Exchange Push on the native iPhone Mail, but can't do that if the thing won't work! What's more, it won't even automatically update my e-mail just when I push on the app! I have to open the app and then swipe down to manually refresh it! I have given this several chances and even tested on my personal Gmail as well, and for it to not even provide real-time e-mail at least when you tap on the icon? How useless is that?


Nov 28, 2008
Another negative about the Gmail app is that it doesn't support multiple accounts. You can configure multiple Gmail accounts in the Mail app with Microsoft Exchange and have them all push notifications, but the Gmail app will only support one account.