How to use iPhone as a microphone? Easy on the Samsung

Discussion in 'iPhone 4S' started by Bouchée, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Help please after a week of research I am wits end. Can you add a microphone app onto the iPhone 4S ? I now have 5 and can not get them to work. I want to use it with my earpiece headset and Bluetooth it with the iPhone and a Bose soundlink speaker.

    It took 10 min on a Samsung mobile, I must be missing something, surely you can do thi on the almighty Apple ,,,,

    I have seen lots of articles saying it can be done but has anyone here done it? Please share how?
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    Give the Megaphone Free app a try. I just tested it with my BT headset and it works but it sounds kind of muffled. It might work better with speakers but I don't have any to test with. I'm not sure if it will work like you're asking either, using the mic on your earpiece but sending the sound to the Bose speaker. It's free though, so it won't hurt to try it.

    There are some other apps that might be worth looking into in this article:
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    I'm not sure what you want to use the mic for. Do you mean like a hearing aid? Or to transfer sound? Explain your use for the mic. iMegaphone Free might work. Most mic apps require headphones or buds with no built in mic. They can be used with external speakers, but I don't see any that's blue tooth compatible. You'll most likely have to plug your speakers into the phone.

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