How To Win Amazon Lightning Deals (ie 50in TV's for $199)

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    You may have heard that Amazon has LED 50in TV's for $199, but when you go to look for them you can't find them. This is because it is a "lightning" deal. These deals sell out in the first 5 minutes (or sooner). So how do you win these deals?

    1) First go to the the upcoming lightning deal page here.

    This page lists all the upcoming lightning deals up to 24 hours in advance. You can browse by catagory. It gives you the specific time up to the exact minute. This is important because these deals sell out in minutes.

    2) Sign up for the Free Amazon Prime membership here. The benefit here is some lightning deals will give you a 30 minute early access to these deals to Amazon Prime members.

    Using these two strategies will give you the best chance of getting these amazing Amazon deals. Good Luck!
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    That's some good advice. I forgot that as a Prime member, I have early access.

    Doesn't look like any TVs are available.
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    Thanks for this info. I didn't know about lightning deals but going to try to get in on one of these deals.

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