Huge data upload battery drain and unresponsive device


New Member
Feb 3, 2016
Hi, since a few dat ago when I updated some cydia tweaks my phone started to upload data at a rate of 1-2 mb/s and is draining battery very very fast.I used an data tracker and it looks like it's using 30 mb of data each minute. My phone usually take a full day with no problem and yesterday my battery was gone since 11:00 am(5 hours of standby) . At the same time the phone is very unresponsive and sometimes it freezes and need hard reset.
I want to mention that I'm a cydia user for 6 years and I never experienced something like this. I have uninstalled the recent tweaks that was updated, and a few more, i stoped background app refresh, respring device into safe mode and still have the same problem. It's hard even to type on the keyboard as it is very unresponsive. I monitor is showing up 97-98 memory usage so thats about 20-15 mb of ram available and in many cases with only one app opened the app crashes because of lack of memory(even in safe mode with no tweak working). I'm 99% sure it's a marlware that is uploading things from my phone but I searched dinamic library with iFile and nothing shows up there. I wanted to check installed profiles too but the tab doesn't shup up in settings/ general . It does show up if I search settings but when I click on it nothing happens. This makes me suspicious even more. If someone can help me I would be very grateful. If you need any log or something please reply here. I would take a look myself but i don't have the knowledge.