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Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by smittylube, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. smittylube

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    Has anyone had experience with this company?
    I bought a bumper case and lightning adapter cable for my 5. when it arrived they threw in the shield for the phone- nice. The case is exactly what I wanted, however the adapter seems to not do a thing. no charge, no play. 1/2 the price , but worth nothing. I tried an e-mail this am, lets see how long to respond.
  2. smittylube

    smittylube Member

    Street view seems to show a UPS store is the address. Hmmmm
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  4. talon90

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    A lot of knock off cables and adapters for the new lightning port don't work because the actual cables and adapters have an authentication chip that the phone needs to see. Only one company that I know of has successfully cracked the authentication system and is selling discounted cables. iPhone5Mod is the only one I've seen.
  5. smittylube

    smittylube Member

    Your right.
    Reply from them

    >>>"Hi Steve. I am sorry to hear this. We just sent this email to you. Please let us know what you would like to do:

    We are sorry to hear the adapter is not working for you. We do test each item for charging and sync, but due to the large number and type of docks available, we do not test that functionality. We have heard some reports of conflicts with certain audio accessories.

    Would you like to try a different adapter, or would you like to return the adapter and will will refund you for the adapter purchase?

    Thank you, and our apologies for the problems.

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