I busted my phone trying to repair the screen


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Sep 11, 2009
I dropped the 3g. Glass shattered. Phone worked great. Apple genius told me $200 to repair it. And that it was a while you wait repair, took about 10 min
"well, how hard is it to replace the glass? I've repaired my laptop..."
- not hard at all! we don't even charge for the labor, the $200 is for the part.
"for the glass? really?"

So I go look up the glass on ebay. 6.99. Go back to the genius. to double check that he won't do the repair for me because he's cool- he won't- and ask him about the glass again.

"do you have to crack the case to put in new glass?"
No, it's easy. you just pry it out.
"I heard the glue was a huge pain"
No, it doesn't need any glue. it just snaps back in.

I guess the guy is a fantastic practical joker.

So after I ruined the digitizer trying to separate it from the shattered glass, I bought a new digitizer/screen. Predictiably broke a tiny piece off the #3 connector- not the flip up part, but the wee little wing on the side of the black part. (the ribbon yanked out when I picked up the screen)

put it partly back together, connected the LCD and got no display. Plugged it into the computer and got the "charging" tone. iTunes saw the phone.

unplugged, took it apart again and worked the ribbon cable some more.

Now, there is nothing when I put the phone on the usb cable.

Did I kill the board? Is there any way to tell that? I have upnlugged and reconnected #4 cable and have reconnected #1 and 3 cables repeatedly, although they seem to be related to display only and it seems like if the board was working, the computer would see the phone.

or is my logic faulty on that?