I can’t believe they invent it!


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Oct 10, 2007
To take the famous quote from popular show the Simpsons, and now that it has been a year since it was announced and 6 months to be out, I still get mesmerized at the iPhone. How many of us really were craving something like the iPhone? And when it came out deep inside of us were saying gladly “I can’t believe they invent it”. Finally a product that is easy and fun to use and has the potential to be really a true technological icon, many of us knew it could be possible for such a product like this but most of us didn’t think it was possible now. Many companies have the technology to make it happen but not the seriousness of making it happen (now they are wondering what the hell just happened). Sure there are a lot of “haters” out there that really don’t like the iPhone. But them more than anyone will benefit from what the iPhone is and will continue to accomplish. Pushing the boundaries of what the new standard will be.

For me climbing the corporate ladder and in the need of a more “efficient” phone I was about to “settle” for one of the many smart phones on the market, Then came January 9 2007, back then I wasn’t really paying attention to the phone market in terms what’s going to come out. I read it on the newspaper then on the news. And I really did not take it too seriously. In my mind I was saying “here comes another toy that in 6 months will be given for free as part of a 2 year contract”. I was fortunate to receive it as a gift, and boy was I ever surprised saying to myself “I can’t believe they invent it” Now I follow the cell phone industry just see the current players trying to match this new icon. And to tell you the truth, I do enjoy the water down versions they come up calling it the iPhone killers. Oh well I guess the public decides that. So far no iPhone killers…just iPhone fillers, fillers that fill a void that only the iPhone can fill.

And now that I have been with it for about 5 months and every time that I put it in its cradle to charge it at night, I say to myself “I can’t believe they invent it”

This has been an honest post.


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Jan 1, 2008
Bethlehem, Pa
when it first came out I was like no way I'm paying 600 for a damn phone. Then it went to 400. Then my Samsung broke...now I've never been more happy with a purchase!