I have lost all data from my iPhone 3GS :(

Oct 20, 2011
Hi anyone here can help me:(

I have changed a new pc & install the itune 10.5, once installed it ask to upgrade the system so I click yes. End up after upgrade all my old data like contacts, sms & etc gone :cry: So I tot get my old pc to restore from my backup however my old pc is itune 9 & it ask to upgrade to 10.5 so I again click yes :eek: so after it's upgrade it auto sync my iPhone end up it comes back to square one. All my contacts, sms & etc are didn't restore back as normal... Please..... anyone here can help me to retrieve all data from my old backup? My son's game smurfs from level 23 now become level 1, he cried the whole day:cry: What can I do now, kindly advise.

Many many thanks in advance.

Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
Thanks for the reply :)
Ok first let's check it the backups were retained.
On the old PC - go to edit, preferences, then devices. You should see your device with its name and a backup date (hopefully).

If an older backup was there then follow these steps to restore to the backup
1. Plug in your device
2. Right click the device in iTunes when it shows in the left bar under devices
3. Click restore from backup
4. Choose an older backup!(one that you saw from the list when you checked.

Note this will remove all apps and music from your phone (if there is any on there) but it will and should restore contacts, calendars, notes etc.

Good luck let us know how it turns out!
Oct 20, 2011
wow lucky I didn't reformat my old pc & I manage to restore all my data:ROFLMAO: Although the data is a few months old but better then nothing..^o^.. Thank you so much, thanks for everything, you are so (y):whistle: