I miss Palm Desktop (former Treo 650 owner)

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New Member
Sep 28, 2007
OK, so I just got the iPhone a couple of days ago. I love the PHONE (except keyboard), but... syncing is a pain in the ass! I'm asking for your help (especially former Treo owners). Treo has its own sync program like iTunes (Palm Desktop), but it had EVERYTHING...contacts, calendar, memos, media, etc. UNLIKE iTunes (unless I'm missing something). Now i have iTunes and it keeps my music current, but what do I do about calendar and contacts? I've heard Outlook works, but can't seem to figure it out... HELP! What settings should I be using, or better yet, IS THERE A SINGLE APPLICATION where I can input EVERYTHING (calendar, contacts, music) ?


New Member
Aug 6, 2007
Have you tried exporting your Palm Desktop contacts to a CSV and then importing that into Outlook? From Outlook, you have iTunes import those contacts and you should be golden.

I know it's a lot of hoops to go through, but I had to do the same to import my bookmarks, that is Export from Firefox to IE to iTunes :(