I Need Help On What To Do.. iPhone 8gb

First off let me say thanks for any help that you all can give. I work for a businesss and 6 months ago they signed up with AT&T on a buss account and they told us that we could not get a iPhone on a Buss account. No Problem...However now you can get the iPhone on a BUss account but it requires you to wait after you by you new 436 dollor iPhone until they can get the new contract upgraded and changed over to what Apple wants. With all of that said they did not tell me any of this stuff at the AT&T store when I went on Wed last week to buy my new 8gb phone..they told me it would at the end of this coming week until they could activate it. EEEERRGGG. Well I decided to use Zi Phone to unlock it and then I put in my AT&T sim and it is working just fine. My question is when they call at the end of this week to finish setting up my phone what should I do? They will be thinking it has not been activated yet when they call and also they will be needing to set me up for the data plan too. Should I just put the phone back on ZiPhone and put in back into DFU mode or what? Will they be able to find out that I have put songs from my iTunes onto it and have been talking on it for a couple of days. The phone was 1.1.2 when I put it on Zi phone but after hooking it up to iTunes it downloaded the newest 1.1.4 which is what it is right now. Now just to Clarify when I tried on iTunes to set up the phone it made me call a 1-866 number and never would finish with the activation...After that a rep called me and told me that they would need some contact info, tax id info etc and they would send it through the chain and then they would get a email back telling them they can activate my phone. So when I was talking about syning it with iTunes i just meant for getting it to have the restore to 1.1.4 and not the Original iTunes activation screen. Ive only got a couple of days to figure out what to do.. Thanks again
Fixed it...

I put it back on ZiPhone and clicked relock and it reflashed everything and put it back to the original state just like it was when it came out of the box. I restored it back again to 1.1.4 and now the ATT screen is coming back up. Just thought I would add this reply to my post in case anyone else out there starts buying a iPhone on a New Buss Account and has to wait forever and wants to unlock there phone until they are ready to activate it, then we know the ZiPhone 2.5 will take care of all of that for them. :cool: