i need help with a few things....


New Member
Jun 6, 2008
1: I have tried many, many youtube converters and none of them have fully worked for me, they either don't download at all or only download halfway through the video and think its done. Anyone got one that works very nicely?

2: Videora Ipod Touch Converter does not do anything. I'v tried downloading youtube videos from that thing but every single one I tried doesn't work.

3: I don't understand Handbrake at all. Either I'm dumb or that thing is confusing for newcomers. Could someone link me a tutorial on how this thing works?

4: I went into iTunes and changed the info to some of the videos I got from youtube to music videos and I have no idea where they are on iTunes now, they arent in TV Shows or Movies, help?

5: Lets say I have a "dvd" that I got online from a certain place, what do I use so I can watch that on my iPod Touch?

Thanks and much appreciated, if #5 is against the rules please tell me and I'll take it down.