I purchased an unlocked iphone 5c green from WWW.iphone5break.COM

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    I purchased an unlocked iphone 5c green from WWW.iphone5break.COM/store/Unlocked-iPhones-All-Models/Apple-iPhone-5c-Unlocked-Cellphone-16GB-Green i have received my iphone this morning, when i was opening the package there was x2 iphones i think they made a mistake?
    so now i have to iphone 5c for the price of one, i was wondering if it's ok for me to keep it?
    or should i contact them tell them they accidentally sent me an extra iphone 5c? i really want to keep it? and give it to my gf, do you think i could get into trouble if i keep it?

    thank you sir.
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    This really depends entirely on you and your moral compass.

    Once the second unit gets activated, though, it will probably be very easy to trace back to you (assuming this company keeps even halfway decent records), so you may want to keep this in mind.

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