i really want to mod but....

Aug 28, 2007
i have a few questions,

what apps do i need, to do the following

install apps.

and how do i install them

change icons on my homescreen.

and change the dock to make a reflection like this

so basically how to install new dock looks

links would be greatly appreaciated!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!


New Member
Aug 6, 2007
Hi, first off, you need to help us help you. Post some stuff about your situation, do you have a mac or pc? Is your phone already jailbroken?

I see you've got my dock there, so if you've managed to find that why not take a look at the rest of my thread? I've got a How-To posted which explains how to get the dock on your iPhone.

To change your icons, you need to overwrite the existing icons in the Applications folder. Open the application folder for the app you wish to change the icon for, and copy over with your own file named icon.png

The basic flow of things is:

AppTap -> Jailbreak -> Installer

From Installer, you can download all the programs we talk about and use in this forum right from the iPhone itself, you don't ever need to dock it back up with your computer, unless you want to sync of course.

Installer is THEE iPhone application to have, its your gateway to all that is Native-3rd party applications.