I still have f.w 1.1.2 and want to upgrade!


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Dec 11, 2007
Hi guys,

I have a US Jailbroken First Gen iPhone running 1.1.2 with a Turbo sim. I am in the UK on Vodafone.

The phone runs really well and I had a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it " attitude.

Now I want some of the apps!

Is there a guide I can use to upgrade?

Does anyone have a few pointers for me?

Is this a good idea, as the phone works really well?

My phone had 1.1.2 installed from factory, I had to downgrade to 1.1.1 then jailbrake then upgrade to 1.1.2. I think I used apptapp to do it? IT was about a year ago!

The Modem f.w is 04.02.13_G




Nov 20, 2008
Ilwaco, WA
If you want to keep it unlocked, you'll have to download the 2.2 firmware, then open iTunes and hold shift (control on a mac) and click update, then select the 2.2 firmware file you downloaded.
I'm not sure going from that old of a firmware to the 2.2 if you need to do a full restore or if you can just update as described above. Make sure and do a full back up before you do this.


Jun 26, 2008
I can tell u what to do but if u do decide to go with my advice, don't blame me if anything goes wrong. This is the best methd i can thk for your situation. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE VERSION 3.0 IS PUBLICLY RELEASED, SO I WOULD SUGGEST DOING IT SOMETIME IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS INCASE IT IS RELEASED DURING WWDC.

1) Connect to iTunes, sync your phone (it will back it up) and update to version 2.2.1. This will get rid of your jailbreak and unlock. Be sure to back up your phone before updating. U can bak it up manally by right-clicking your phone on iTunes and chosing "backup."

2) watch this video and do what it says. It will jailbreak and unlock your phone.
It says that it only works with legit simcards, so i would remove your vodafone simcard before jailbreaking just to be safe. download all the necessary files and follow the instructions carefuly. All needed files are in the video description. don't WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE FORUMS. LIKE I SAID, U WILL NEED TO READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION SO WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE.

3)After the process is over, put your simcard back into the iPhone.

4)sync and backup with iTunes just to keep your data on the iPhone safe

5) Enjoy your knew iPhone with Installer+CYDIA & APP STORE!:)

I hope this helped and good luck if u decide to go through with it:)