I went swimming with my Apple Watch, will they replace it?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the specifications of the Apple Watch. It's water resistant, splash proof, but not water proof. Apple says you wash your hands with it on, sweat with it on and wear it in the rain. It can come in contact with water, but it's not meant to go diving. Apple rates it at IPX7. Having spent a fair amount of time in these forums, I've seen first hand the number of folks who go swimming with their iPhones. That's not strapped to their wrists. The Apple Watch is a completely different animal. It's going to be incredibly easy to 'forget about it.' That's going to be the case even more so if you can shower with it. Tim Cook says he does, but he's Tim Cook.

This is the first Apple product where it's got some level of protection from the elements. With iPhones, they are equipped with sensors that get tripped when they experience any level of water damage. If you go to an Apple Store with a water damaged iPhone, you're out of luck.

The Apple Watch should be interesting. For one, Apple has stated some level of contact with water. This creates a bit of a grey area and I wonder how Apple Geniuses will deal with customers who are asking for a replacement.

Here's hoping the second generation is water-proof. And in the mean time, don't go swimming with your Apple Watch Edition.


Jun 3, 2010
Borough Green, Kent, UK
I don't think they would replace it for submerging the apple watch. I do however believe that if you showered with it and it stopped working they would have to replace it as Tim Cook himself has said he showers with it on. Remember when Steve Jobs released the tiny iPod nano and demonstrated its size with the tiny pocket we all have in our jeans? When people took that idea on and started putting in that pocket they found their iPod nano would bend (in some cases) Apple had to replace all bent units as Steve himself demonstrated the product being used in that way. I can't see how this would be any different.