iCal quitting unexpectedly...

So basically with or without the iPhone plugged in, when I click on iCal to start the program, it bounces in the dock for a second and dissappears. I don't believe I ever deleted the program. I read on the Apple site that people that had this problem had to double check to make sure a certain font was enabled on there computer so the program does not quit. Well, i checked into that and still no luck. I re-installed the software disc and still nothing. Any help would be much appreciated....I want to use iPhone calendar! :)


Jan 10, 2007
Northeast US
Sounds like a corruption of either iCal/system or iSync. This would be a good question to pose in a Mac tech help forum, like Apple's own discussions boards. I did a quick search there for you and found this thread. True, it's a little dated, but the issue sounded exactly like yours, so perhaps some of those suggestions will work.

Good luck!

Jun 26, 2009
I have had the problem of ical quitting unexpectedly a few seconds after opening. After reading about, and trying, various suggestions I disabled isync in preferences. Success! ical works -at the moment!