iClarified - How to Install and Use SendFile


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Nov 29, 2007

Just thought I'd share another few tutorials I've made if thats okay. I recently needed to send some files using my iPhone and found the easy solution of SendFile. It is another great little application by Erica Sadun (Thanks !). SendFile lets you select a document from your iPhone to email as an attachment. It also lets you select a document and easily transfer it to another iPhone.

I've written two tutorials on SendFile. One to install it and send a document as an email. And another tutorial to transfer files between iPhones.

How to Email Files From Your iPhone Using SendFile:

How to Send Files from One iPhone to Another:

Hopefully this might come of use to someone, it helped me out.

Happy New Year to everyone btw !
Jun 12, 2009
SendFile App

I'm looking to buy one of the new iPhone 3G S with one of the main things i'm wanting to do is transfer PDF files from my MacBook and then email them using the iPhone.

Will this SendFile App work on the new 3G S and do you have any useful information for transferring files from the Mac to the iPhone. I found this App which looks like it will work: http://www.digidna.net/diskaid/