iCloud and contacts on two iPhones

Discussion in 'iCloud' started by musicmanmu, Oct 16, 2011.

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    So now that my wife and I both have iOS5, everything is good except for contacts. We sync using one iTunes account, and now my wife has all of her contacts and all of mine as well. Is there a way to make sure she only has her contacts on her phone? I tried to not sync contacts via the cloud on her phone, but then all her contacts disappeared. Any ideas?
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    Ran in to the same thing here. Had to put all my wife's contacts into a group with her name. Then re-sync. Now we have a all contacts, and a annette group.

    it still sucks.
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    Same thing here too.... will try separating as suggested above- crappy way of dealing with this amonst other MobileMe, iCloud migration issues. It appears that turning off iCloud stops you from using Find Friends, which is actually important for the few we are linked with.
    Thanks for the band-aid solution though!

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