iCloud on multiple devices - how to set up new account?


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Oct 9, 2013
Presently my partner and I have 2 iPhones and an iPad set up under the same AppleID and same iCloud account. We recently got new 5C phones and all contacts, calendars, etc ported over as did the iCloud account. We want to take my partner's phone and iPad and set up a new(separate) AppleID and iCloud account and email address on those devices, leaving me with the existing AppleID/iCloud account.
I am hesitant because I think I need to delete the iCloud account from the device before I set up a new one? Will that delete any contacts or info currently on that device? By deleting the iCloud account on a device, it doesn't delete it from other devices, does it?

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Dec 12, 2008
It's a good idea to share the Apple ID used for iTunes and the App Store because you can share apps that way. But I wouldn't share an iCloud account with anyone. Most people want their own notes, email, contacts and bookmarks and you only get 5 GB of space per account. If your Apple ID for the App Store is your iCloud account, you can both continue to use it for that and you can continue to use it for iCloud. Just set up a new iCloud account for your partner. The only drawback is he/she will have have two Apple IDs now, but it's not a big deal. I've had two Apple IDs years (since back when iCloud was Mobile Me).

The contacts won't be deleted when the account is removed. Just delete the account from their devices and set up a new account. Choose "keep contacts" when asked. Even if you choose to remove contacts, that just removes them from that device, not the account or any other devices.