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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by in2tech, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. in2tech

    in2tech Member

    I must be missing something because I can't find any information about streaming photo's to a Windows PC over WiFi. Do you have to have the phone plugged into a wall charger? What folder on the PC will the photo's stream too...the Pictures folder...or does it stream to Itunes on the PC. Do you have to do a manual sync? I thought it was suppose to be automatic.

    Very confused when setting up the iCloud Photo Streaming on a family members 3GS :)

    Thanks for your help!
  2. showguy

    showguy Member

    Itunes created (should have created) a folder in your picture documents folders called "Photo Stream". When you stream a photo it gets sent to your PC and kept in that folder.
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  4. Jsims1

    Jsims1 Member

    Awesome! I didnt realize this!
  5. in2tech

    in2tech Member

    Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it!
  6. JWiPhone

    JWiPhone Evangelist

    For some reason my iPhone photo does not show up in my Photo Stream folder on my Windows PC. I have Photo Stream turned on, and I'm on WiFi. The Photo Stream folder just shows empty.

    UPDATE: Nevermind. I just uninstalled iCloud for Windows and reinstalled it which fixed the problem.

    UPDATE: I just took more pictures with my iPhone but they don't show up under Photo Stream in my Windows PC. I wonder what gives?
  7. in2tech

    in2tech Member

    Well apparently Apple had alot of questions about this and posted this guide on Apple:

    General iCloud


    I think it is making sure in step 3 that Phot Stream is turned on, because in step 4 I only see Music, Apps, and iBooks!

    I hope this helps people but I am not sure if it explains it completely. Let us know if these instructions work for someone.

    I kind of get it now. You have to click on the Windows PC icon at the top of the guide page and download a control panel program for your PC.......Oooohhhhh!

    Settings up Photo Stream Windows PC link :


    Takes a little bit to set up on Windows but works like a champ! Take a picture (if you allowed it to Photo Stream via iCloud) and it pushes to your Windows PC....awesome!

    Be very careful what you take pictures of.....think that anyone can see the pictures in your photo stream :)
  8. JWiPhone

    JWiPhone Evangelist

    It is working now. I think there is a slight delay with the iCloud servers being swamped. For some reason my pictures on my Windows PC show upside down.
  9. in2tech

    in2tech Member

    Glad to see that you got it working now. I had no idea you had to download a control panel for either the Mac or Windows :) My pictures are sideways but I think that's the way I took the pictures.

    But think about this in a work environment. For instance my brother works in the construction industry so he could take pictures with his iPhone and they would download to his Mac or Windows machine back at the office so either people in the office could see them to see how the work on the site is going and he can check them back at the office.

    Of course there are other industries and personal ways this could be beneficial! For instance your at a sporting event and you want to send pictures back to the family on the family computer.

    Would this work if you went over sea's on vacation. Say you went to Paris would it send photo's back home if you had cell phone coverage, or hooked up to WiFi at the hotel?
  10. AgentX

    AgentX New Member

    Icloud photos only working with stock camera app?
  11. itsalexaye

    itsalexaye Member

    I've found that photo stream on PC is not as quick as on mac. Not surprised though

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