iCloud question

Aug 24, 2018
So I have a dedicated folder on my Mac where I put pictures that will be added to my phone. Well I decided to try iCloud photo for the first time and I lost them all. Can I not have pictures from my computer and iCloud at the same time or is ICloud just for pictures I take with the phone ?


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
Apple used to allow both, but an update to iTunes earlier this year removed the option. So when you turned on iCloud, it removed your previous set up for syncing from the folders on your Mac. This is the second time Apple removed photo album syncing. Hopefully it will be added back again.

You have a sereval options:
1. Downgrade iTunes.
2. Use another service to sync photo albums from your Mac. I use Google Photos. They have unlimited free space. https://photos.google.com
3. Sync the albums to iCloud Drive on your Mac. They’ll show up in the iCloud Drive app on the phone afterwards.