iCloud stopped completely

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New Member
May 29, 2012
When I got my phone, I set up the Icloud on my computer/phone, and it worked fine. Photos I took went to my computer, when i put some in the upload folder they went to my phone and songs I bought on my iPhone were put in my iTunes on my computer.

But now when I take pictures on my phone they don't show up on my computer, the upload folder does not sent photos to my phone, and when I buy music on my phone I have to go find it and download each song from my account to my computer on iTunes.

This started about a month ago and I've done things like uninstall Icloud from my computer and reinstall it and it will work..for about a day. I'm out of ideas.
Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
Have you tried to check the iCloud settings on your iPhone?

Are you on an iPhone 4s?


The above link discusses about photos being pushed to your devices.



These discuss the issue with iCloud not working anymore for Mail and provide solutions/fixes. Supposably it may have to do with the new iOS 5.1.1 or the Jailbreak, if you're jailbroken.