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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by brdmsd, Jan 20, 2016.

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    Apple replaced my IPhone 6 Plus in Jan7. Since that time, I've received a nightly message from Apple stating, " Unable to backup due to lack of iCloud storage". A check shows that I have 1.4 gb of unused storage and my phone has not done an ICloud backup since the day before my phone was replaced. I spoke with Apple rep yesterday and was told this was a software issue they had been dealing with. Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a workaround otter than computer backup?
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    I'm seeing issues with some users not able to complete their iCloud back up. Apple has told them it's a known issue. My experience has been when I get "can not complete" on an iCloud back up, I immediately try again. It's then successful. Even though you have 1.3 gb available, the back up size may be greater. Try deleting some things. Messages, email, etc. Move photos to Box or Dropbox. Make your back up size smaller.

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