If I bought an iPhone from eBay would it work on a normal UK O2 Tarriff?

May 31, 2007
Hi. I really want an iPhone but the only vendor in the UK that is going to be distributing them is O2 and there is a special 'iPhone' tariff you have to subscribe to. I already have a contract (a businesss mobile) with O2 and would just need the handset. If I got one from eBay, could I simply pop my current O2 Sim card into the Apple iPhone and use it on my current tariff or is there something built into it to prevent this?


New Member
Oct 30, 2007
Portsmouth, UK
When you plug you're iPhone into the computer for the first time you have to register it via iTunes which effectively signs you up to a new 18 month contract with o2. I believe you will have to get it unlocked in order to use it with an existing o2 contract. Also why bother getting one on ebay and pay inflated prices? They are released next friday?