If I use my home WIFI does the history show on my home computer?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by talk2tlt, May 25, 2010.

  1. talk2tlt

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    I just got an iPhone a couple weeks ago and I'm curious if I use it on my home wireless internet if there is a history of that logged on my desktop computer. I am planning a suprise party for my husband and curious if he'll be able to see what venues I've been looking at and so forth when he's on the home hard wired computer.
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  4. MrEous

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    ...your iPhone connects directly to the internet through your router.
  5. KrakaJap

    KrakaJap Zealot

    If he's smart with routers then he could read the routers traffic log. Assuming your router has one. Otherwise no :)

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  6. BBGT2

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    Dont worry you are safe, unless he starts diggin. hahaha. Your secret is safe with us here we wont tell a soul you are throwing him a suprise party. Cough Cough. LOL

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