If The iPhone Fails...

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New Member
Jun 16, 2007
New York
What if the iPhone fails? Do you think it is the end of Apple? Is the company putting too much stock into the iPhone? Thoughts?
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May 22, 2007
Apple has the foresight to make sure it has secured a very loyal consumer following in the products and services it already offers. I say this is foresight because they create a product, tie it in with a service, make sure it is not only done well, but exceptionally well. Once they have secured themselves as the leader in that product area, they move on to the next innovation.

Take the iPod for instance...They made it, perfected it, tied it in with iTunes, have created the 3rd largest music sales service, and now they are moving on to the next innovation...this way they don't stretch their resources thin trying to perfect too many products at once. This isn't to say they will not focus on the iPod any longer, but the beauty of the iPhone is that it is a completely new product, along with a revolution of a tried and true exisiting product, the iPod. It also ties in with their very successful network of services and products offered for the iPod. This is just one example, although arguably the best example, of how Apple has been so successful...

All that to say, between their computers, software, iPods, and online music service, Apple seems to be a very stable company with a secure future. The iPhone can only add to this. If for some reason, in an alternate reality where people hate marvelous advancements in technology, the iPhone does not change the cell phone market completely, Apple will still be going strong with the existing market share it has...