If the iPod touch has Bluetooth, the iPhone will certainly get A2DP

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New Member
Jul 4, 2007
There are many rumors floating around today that the Ipod Touch may have bluetooth. It's very speculative, and only time will tell. Anyway, I don't care if people think the pictures of the touch didn't have the bluetooth icon, as that is quite meaningless, it may have just been turned off, or not present in the firmware.

To me, this will be very important because the main reason you would put bluetooth on an Ipod is for bluetooth stereo (A2DP). Certainly, if they do it for the touch, the iPhone will get it turned on as well.

My prediction is that we will get A2DP for the iPhone and Ipod Touch sometime before the September 28 ship date of the touch.


New Member
Jul 10, 2007
Philly Burbs
No where in the iPod touch specs does it say it has Bluetooth. The reason it shows up in the media pictures could be it's just a Photoshop'd image Apple used for the iPhone and touch. The second is maybe it was supposed to have Bluetooth at one point and it was later removed.