If You Upgraded To 1.1.2 and Want To back to 1.1.1 Here's How!


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Oct 11, 2007
For Windows

Download pack without the firmware files inside: http://rapidshare.com/files/70039433/Downgrade_1.1.2_Complete.rar

Okay now you have a 1.1.2 phone that got there from an update not out of the box.

Start by plugging it into iTunes in restore mode (hold home and sleep)

iTunes will recognize it right away. You will see a restore button. Hold shift and click restore. Navigate to your 1.1.1 firmware file.

Let it sit through and eventually you will get a 1015 error. Thats perfect. Now you have a 1.1.1 phone with the 1.1.2 modem firmware. We'll handle that later.

Enter DFU mode. Best solution is to use iBrickr or else its pretty tricky. You have to hold home and sleep and when the screen turns black let go of sleep and keep holding home. iTunes will recognize this and you will shift+click restore and navigate to 1.0.2 firmware files. Let it sit through and you will get a 1013 error and the yellow triange should pop up. Perfect.

Now click wiNstallerGUI from the package above. Click activate and it should activate the phone as well as jailbreak it. Then hit install application and navigate to the installer.app folder inside the first wiNstaller folder in the downloaded pack. You should now have a 1.0.2 phone still with the 1.1.2 modem firmware but your activated, jailbroken, and you have installer installed.

Tap installer and update it. Install Community Sources, than BSD Subsystem, and than OpenSSH. Install WinSCP and click it. Connect to the internet on your iPhone and than click the blue arrow next to it and write down the IP. In WinSCP for the host name type in your IP for username type root and for password type dottie. Change file protocal to SCP.

Navigate to /usr/bin which is in the root of the phone which looks like this: /
Transfer all the files in the Baseband folder into /usr/bin

Close WinSCP and open putty. Type in your IP again into hostname and click ok. Type in root and the when it asks for the password type dottie (you wont see the letters when you type, but I assure you, you are typing.)

Type this into putty and hit enter after each line. Capitals matter.

launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist

cd /usr/bin

chmod +x ieraser

chmod +x bbupdater


a crap load of stuff should come up... thats good.. when thats done type

bbupdater -v

It should say cant ping to baseband or cant respond to baseband something in that nature i forget exactly. This is good.

now type:

bbupdater -f *.fls -e *.eep

After a 2-3 minute wait it should be done. Now type:

bbupdater -v (yes again)

it should show 3.14_08 or whatever the modem firmware for 1.0.2 is :p


Now restore to 1.0.2 (just a refresh to get rid of unwanted files)
Now restore to 1.1.1 and continue on with your jailbreak unlock process.
slide emergency tap *#307# and hit call than it should call your phone erase it and type 0... than hit call > accept > hold > deny... you should be at contacts now. Type a name and for URL type prefs://f and another url jailbreakme.com
Hit prefs://f and connect to a wifi address.
Go back home home press 0 > call > accept > hold >deny
Go back to that contact and now hit jailbreakme.com and scroll down and install appsnapp.

now your phone is activated, jailbroken, and has installer.

Go into installer and install BSD Subsystem. Now go to sources, press edit, then press add. Type i.unlock.no/
So it should look lke http://i.unlock.no/
Now there should be unlocking tools in "install" install anysim... set auto lock to never and tap anysim... follow the directions, and your done.

Voila now you have a 1.1.1 firmware phone with the 1.1.1 modem firmware and its jailbroken, activated, and unlock.

Please point out any errors I made!



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Sep 14, 2007
Hopefully someone can confirm this......I'm not sure though, cause i've not seen confirmation of this anywhere. Also i thought this was no longer possible because of the new boot loader.


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Oct 11, 2007
Hopefully someone can confirm this......I'm not sure though, cause i've not seen confirmation of this anywhere. Also i thought this was no longer possible because of the new boot loader.
Ive done this to my phone... It's if you upgraded from 1.1.1 .... You need to have the old bootloader.