I'm convinced the 4S lags because of RAM

Discussion in 'iPhone 4S' started by mmamanx, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Anyone else 4S lag at times when in the menu? Web browser closes randomly? Opening menus go slow? This was a problem for me on the iPhone 4, but the 4S kinda made it better, especially the keyboard which used to lag all the time, on the 4S it never lags, still though, it still runs slow at times, I always clear the app tray (have ocd like that lol) and always the same. Not a big deal honestly but I hope the I5 has at least 1gb of ram, watch how much smoother it will be.

    Also while im here, haven't been up to date with rumors, what are looking at with the I5? New Design? 4'? What res? 1gb ram? Quad Core? New IOS? Summer or Fall?

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    Pre-fix edited in title.

    The iPhone 4S from the times I've used it doesn't lag at all, even when jailbroken running a busy Winterboard theme with widgets.

    Try rebooting your phone, if that doesn't help try a hard-reset (hold down both the Home button and the Power button and release when you see the White Apple logo). Hard-resetting your phone every couple of days helps my iPhone 4 greatly.

    As for the rumours... don't listen to anything until you hear the fat lady sing. And trust me, she will sing.

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