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Discussion in 'iPhone 5S' started by Iancain, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Hi, can anyone help me please? I have an iPhone 5s and most i messages do not come through when I am on my home WiFi. The messages come through instantly on my iPad connected to the same WiFi. My wife and daughter both have 5s on the home wifi and their messages come through fine! I find if I turn the wifi of and use 3G it is fine.
    Very frustrating, does can anyone help please?
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    1. Open the Settings app on the phone
    2. Click WiFi
    3. Tap the blue circle with an i in it that is on the same line as your WiFi network
    4. Select "Forget This Network"
    5. Press the Settings button in the top left corner
    6. Select your WiFi network and log in
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    First of all, make sure yore connected to Wi-Fi and can browse the web. If so, go to Settings>Messages and then disable iMessage. After a few seconds, re-enable iMessages. After iMessage has been activated, scroll down to the "Send & Receive" section and tap on it. Make sure the "You Can Be Reached By iMessage At" and 'Start New Conversations From" option have the same Apple ID checked.

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