iMovie for iPhone 4

Has anyone used this yet. It just came out and I got it right away. I'm coming from a 3G so have not had video. I'm disappointed in the app though. Seems all it really does is let you clip the movie and add some cheesy music. Am I missing something? I can't really find any instructions so I hope there is more to this app.


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Jun 15, 2010
I am sure there will be a guide coming. But if you want to kill the cheesy music just hold it and drag it off the time line. Then hit media button and change from video to music. You can then add any of your own songs to the timeline
Jun 16, 2008
Tinley Park, IL
I found that it is MUCH EASIER to trim the video clips you want into iMovie in the camera roll before you even start a project. It was taking me forever to trim a minute off of a video in iMovie, but a half second in the camera roll.

I'm kinda thinking that I should not have bought the app and just stuck with iMovie on my MacBook... And before anyone says it, yes I know, its for a quick presentation to send off at a moments notice to the grandparents or what not while on vacation or what not, but since I can't email 720p, I guess its going to have to a real good moment to make it worth using on the go.


Apr 19, 2009
Colorado Baby!
Has anyone having issues with iMovie? I have made videos in the 2:30 min ranges, but once I try to export a longer video in the 3-4 min range, the app crashes. Tried restarts but nothing works. Think there is a video size or time limit?