Importing music from CD very slow!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by nikkorman, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. nikkorman

    nikkorman New Member

    When trying to import tunez from a CD, iTunes takes forever. Almost seems like it is not working. The little wave is doing its thing but not much else is happening. Last time I imported a CD - iTunes just sort of sat there and then suddenly something started happening. It took a while.

    I am trying to import a CD right now and its just sort of sitting there. I am to let it run but I am not sure if it will do anything.

    I am using a PC w/ XP sp3 and iTunes 8.

  2. gotzaiPhone

    gotzaiPhone Zealot

    Whats the processor speed and how much ram do you have on the PC? When I had my HP, iTunes always ran slow, but it was because it was taking up almost 100% of my resources all the time (sub 2ghz chip and 512mb of ram).

    Now with my mac, iTunes runs and rips CDs a lot faster now.

    Next time you try ripping a CD, open up your task manager and see how much juice iTunes is using on your machine, you might find your answer there.
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  4. nikkorman

    nikkorman New Member

    I have a duo core 2 w/ 2 gb ram. Should be plenty powerful. The cdr/dvdr doesnt do anything and iTunes doesnt do much either.
  5. gotzaiPhone

    gotzaiPhone Zealot

    hmmm, have you gone into options and set everything to the max speed for ripping? I know, sounds dumb, but sometimes I forget to check the simple stuff too.
  6. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    itunes for windows is pretty bad, but ripping CDs shouldn't be affected that much.

    does this happen with all discs?

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