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Discussion in 'iPhone 5S' started by bballrob, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Has anyone noticed any improved gps accuracy with iPhone 5S?

    I have. I run a fair bit. On addition to wearing my iPhone in an armband, I also wear a Garmin gps watch. (Currently the 310XT to be exact). The app I use on my phone controls my music and records my time, distance, heart rate, etc. At each mile interval it announces various statistics to me, one of which is the current distance. In the past I would find that by the end of the first or second mile, the phone mileage differed from the watch mileage by up to a tenth of a mile or so. Sometimes as my run progressed, that difference would increase, while other times it would get off by a bit the first couple miles and then just maintain that difference the rest of the way.

    Ever since I got my iPhone 5s, I have noticed that most mile marks on the phone and watch are pretty much right on and when I'm done running they are usually within a couple hundredths of a mile of each other.

    Anyone else noticed improved accuracy?

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    I have been using the nike + app and have noticed its mileage points at the same spot everyday i run
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