In Michigan: I have 2 Apple Stores within 2 miles, where to buy?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by daveh98, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I didn't pre-order and I am thinking of maybe trying my hand and getting one at a local Apple store. I am not in the mood to do a long camp (those days are over lol). Stores open at 8:00am and am thinking of getting there around 7:00am? Am I going to be way too late to the party? I don't see many threads of campers (most people seemed to pre-order which has me inclined that I should be able to walk in and get one on hand when the store opens). Am I being completely off-base in thinking I will be able to get one by getting at the store when the mall opens? I am currently across the border in Windsor ontario so I can't just drive by and scope the scene. My other options are Best Buys and Target but think Apple should have a pretty healthy stock so that is my number 1 bet so far unless more insightful members have different opinions. Thanks all!
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    Usually the lines are pretty ridiculous. And it doesn't seem like they will be any less this year. There were people camping outside an NYC Apple store days ago...

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