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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iErik, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. iErik

    iErik Zealot

    This message starting popping up again for me today. No matter what I do I cannot log into my Yahoo mail. I've tried deleting and re-setting up the account and changing the password multiple times. Anything else I can try? Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. TyWebb

    TyWebb New Member

    Same thing for me!! Just started showing for the 1st time today. And what bad timing as I am going out of town and need to be checking mail!

    Anyone have a solution?
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  4. iChristian

    iChristian New Member

    I think I may be of assistance. Go to <Settings, <Mail and then retype your e-mail and password in CAREFULLY and make sure its all correct. I experienced this problem and figured it out on my own and now everything is back to normal :)
    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  5. iErik

    iErik Zealot

    Mine seems to have corrected itself. When I got home from work I noticed it reconnected and all the emails dropped into my box. Maybe it was a network glitch.
  6. lady_bugz22

    lady_bugz22 Member

    I've experienced this before several times. Most of the time just turning the phone off & turning it back on will help
  7. evil_ryu

    evil_ryu New Member

    is this on a CFW??? if so then u might have to redo it again and in winpwn u have to click the fix youtube box.. then do your thing because i had done that and it didnt work so when i redid my CFW i checked the fix youtube and all good now...
  8. chazm

    chazm Contributor

    my iPhone did this yesterday too and I use yahoo. Something was obviously up withthe network because about 15 mins later it was fixed
  9. iChristian

    iChristian New Member

    I have a Yahoo! account too and mine did this as well. Maybe the Yahoo! servers experienced some trouble and I also heard the 3G network experienced some trouble as well. I fixed my email account though.
  10. sdelucia2

    sdelucia2 New Member

    yahoo mail only getting old mail?!?

    My Yahoo! Mail on my iPhone 3G is only getting old mail (one year + old) and not new mail. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  11. iChristian

    iChristian New Member

    All I can suggest is delete it. Wish I could be of more assistance. To delete them fast, tap <Edit and then mark every message and on the bottom press delete and you can delete tons of messages much faster than swipe, delete, swipe, delete, and so on.
  12. sdelucia2

    sdelucia2 New Member


    Thanks, that worked!

  13. loids

    loids New Member

    "Cannot get Mail" on Yahoo mail

    Hi there, I don't normally post anything anywhere, but after getting the "cannot get mail" issue on my iphone 3 days ago...and scouring countless threads and trying pretty much every solution i found without success...I wanted to share what did WORK for me.

    I was focusing on the Yahoo side of the problem so I changed my password, made new accounts, etc. When that didn't work, I tried SSH-ing into my iphone and deleting the Mail folder, that didn't work. Rebooted several success. I tried setting up my yahoo mail on a friends 3G iphone, and it worked there, so I knew it was my Iphone that was the problem and not Yahoo or Apple.

    Then quite by accident I opened up my YOUTUBE , and I get an error message there too, it basically says "I have to connect to itunes with a valid internet connection before I can access Youtube", i thought boy, more issues with this Iphone.

    Just as I was about to restore my iphone to original factory settings,
    I remembered seeing on one of the threads I've read about a "Youtube and Mail app fix" I thought hmmm...last attempt before doing a full restore.

    I scoured more threads, this time looking up "Youtube and Mail app fix" as the topic, and no longer focusing on the "cannot get mail" issue.
    I found one thread addressing the Youtube issue recommending a download of "Youtube activator version 2 from Big boss"

    So on my Iphone Installer, I looked up "Youtube Activator 1.1.4(2)" this is the version 2 from BigBoss. Installed this app on my iphone, rebooted, tried the Youtube, IT WORKS!

    So, you're asking, what does this have anything to do with the "cannot get mail" issue with Yahoo? Well, with fingers crossed and bated breath I set up my yahoo account on settings....and VOILA! Yahoo mail WORKS :D

    So for those of you with the issue "Cannot get mail" on Yahoo. I suggest firing up your Youtube just to see if it works or not. If it doesn't, Youtube activator is your answer to both issues.

    Hope this helps someone out...let me know if it does :)
  14. carboy78

    carboy78 New Member

    i spent so much time reading so much and all suggestions not working at all!!!!! your fix actually worked!!! thank you!!!


  15. same with me

    same with me ppl say if they change their email to classic on the computer that will help them but i did that and it's not working for me too.
    I am so mad at the apple/iPod com.
  16. blacksheep5

    blacksheep5 Member

    This issue has just popped up on my phone, it has been jailbroke and unlocked since December and now all the sudden my yahoo mail will not work. I have not changed anything and my YouTube still works.
  17. marlowtech

    marlowtech New Member

    And me - started today. Must be a problem with yahoo - I'm in UK if that helps. Jailbroken as well.

    Youtube works fine.

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