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Discussion in 'iPad 4' started by Catherine Wynne, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Aug 13, 2013
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    Does anyone know how to increase size of photos so that when sent to others they are larger?
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    Poll deleted since this is a technical question rather than an opinion and it can be answered without votes.

    If you email the pictures, you can send them at the full resolution. Just select the largest size on the pop up. The messaging app will compress them so use email or DropBox instead if you don't want to lose any quality.

    If you want to actually increase the photo size and zoom in, you'll have to zoom and take a screenshot or use an app. The image quality will be decreased if you do this.

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    If photoforge2 is available on the iPad there's an option to adjust width and height, I don't know if it's better than cropping, but it's an option. The quality of the picture will decrease though. ImageUploadedByiCafe Forums1376507649.852233.jpg

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