Info Saved on iPhone, Even After Restore?


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Apr 2, 2009
little background info: i originally had the 3G, but decided to sell before the announcement of the new iPhone. After the announcement, i decided to just stick with the 3G for now so i went ahead and purchased a used 3G.
So i end up buying another 3g and when i get home i realize that the previous owner didn't bother to restore the phone, just removed all their contacts and photos. I went ahead and restored the phone (no backup) and i also didn't bother to use the backup of my previous phone. So i ended up with a clean "new" iPhone 3G. I went ahead and re-downloaded all of my apps and loaded them up. Now im at work and i start up Pandora, and i see that im logged into the previous owners account.

I don't really plan on messing around with the person's account. Im just worried about what kind of information is saved on the phone even after a full restore and if any of my information was still on the phone that i sold.


Sep 20, 2007
i think i remember my phone logging in to my pandora account automatically after a restore, i didn't think much of it and thought it was because i was logged in with my account, and somehow the login information was stored on there, but now after reading this, im not so sure...