Installed SSH, got everything working fine... Now what?

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Jul 20, 2007
I was told that if I installed SSH, and get everything up and running fine, I could run apps, like the NES Emulator. It seems like WinSCP is just like running Manzana. How is this different from Manzana, and how can I install 3rd party apps using it?
I'm not a Mac user. I only run Windows XP.



New Member
Jul 4, 2007
There is not much out there yet to install. I installed the screenshot app. The winscp application came in handy for as it allowed me access to the command prompt window of the iPhone and allowed me to execute the screenshot app. The app ran and created a screen shot of my modded iPhone. Winscp also allowed me to set the file properties via the GUI which you need to do to allow use of the files by "users". There are a number of other iPhone apps around - one that looked interesting is an app that turns your iPhone into a recorder of audio.