keeps telling me to update to an older version...

Jun 28, 2007
Well I just got the new 1.4.0 from installer. Its great, but now whenever I go to installer it tells me theres an update and it is for NES, but its version 1.3.2. This is the older version, so I just updated it to that to try and make it go away, then it tells me to update to 1.4. I did the same and then it tells me to update to 1.3 again. I then uninstall NES and I downloaded 1.4 again, and it still continues to tell me to update back to 1.3. Anyone else have this problem? Is it just temporary?


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Jul 21, 2007
Might be something up in installer-politics-land. Hang tight.

1.4.0 actually didn't show up on it for a day and a half, and now there's a downgrade option.

Also, someone in modmyiPhone reported a crash with 1.4.0.

And my little sister's friend's mom's brother's uncle's cousin's dog thought they saw neogeo games work so ohmygod...

and then there's this:
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Aug 6, 2007
Theres a lot of graphic files with the NES app now, and I didn't really want to transfer them one by one through iBrickr.

I can't exactly use iBrickr to install either, because they're only current to 1.4.0 which is the version that doesn't have the BurgerTime fixes, and I loves me some BurgerTime...

So I just installed SSH to drag and drop the folder in to my Apps folder, give the nes file the proper permissions, and be done with it, lol.

When Installer gets itself sorted, I'll just update NES on top of itself. Installer's log still reports 1.3.2 on mine, so as soon as 1.4.1 hits I'll be ready.